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Full Service Clinic

Child Birth

We offer pre-natal, hospital birth, post-natal, and lactation consulting services.

Health Care

We offer pediatric, adolescent, adult and senior health care services.


We can assist with health care related to WCB.

Physical Assessments:

  • Health Planning
  • Drivers License
  • Employment
  • Sport Participation


  • Insured and uninsured services
  • Urgent and ongoing health management
  • Bethany care

University of Calgary

Medical Teaching Center / Leadership

  • Best and brightest upcoming doctors
  • Keen to help you realize your optimum health while you play a role in helping shape healthcare in the community
  • Started and led Airdrie Urgent Care, Highland Primary Care Network (PCN)

Timely Access

  • Same-day Appointments
  • Suturing / Casting / IV Treatments / Minor Surgery
  • Adjacent X-Ray, Ultrasounds & Physiotherapy
  • In-House Specialists
  • Timely Referrals


Our Team

Our team has been serving Airdrie for over 30 years.
  • Family Physicians
  • Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Internal Medicine Specialists
  • Nursing, Social Work, Counselling
  • Health Education (chronic disease management, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, arthritis, lifestyle, etc.)
  • Certified Medical Assistants -> Helping you.

What makes us unique?

Your health, now & in the future, is the focus of One Health.

Our relationship with you goes well beyond therapeutics toward an active partnership with the goal of maximizing your health.

Our relationship with you will be open & honest, characterized by continous growth, learning, and mutual respect.


What can you expect of us?

  • Timely access
  • Clear and transparent communication so you understand what is going on
  • Healthy and supportive environment
  • Care and good humour in our journey together

What can we expect of you?

  • Willing to try
  • Willing to trust
  • Willing to actively participate and share
  • Willing to respect our clinic’s policies

Latest News

Keep up to date on our latest news.


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We will be closed for the Canada day long weekend.



You have been on our waiting list for some time and we do appreciate your patience.  We continue to be challenged with recruiting top quality doctors during this time.  Dr. Hoiland will soon be on maternity leave for one year and Dr. Wellman will be leaving us.

No doubt, many of you are keen to establish an ongoing relationship with a physician to address your health concerns. To that end, we are excited to introduce our RESIDENT CLINIC for your consideration.  Should you (and your family) choose to register with the RESIDENT CLINIC you will be working with bright and enthusiastic physicians who are completing their final (practical) years of training here at One Health.  With the supervision and support of Doctors Luykenaar, de Waal and Kyne, you can be confident about receiving top-notch care responsive to your needs.  You will have access to full-spectrum primary health care 7 days per week through One Health.  Our team provides timely, friendly service to our patients in a safe, clean environment.  Services include: minor surgery, casting, IV therapy, counseling and health education (diabetes, diet, smoking cessation, etc.).  We have in-house specialists, adjacent radiology and physiotherapy.

You will be able to book appointments rather than relying on “walk-in” availability.  That means general physicals, follow up appointments, specialist referrals, etc.

We look forward to working with you, optimizing your health and maintaining it for years to come.

To register, please call 403-948-6422 to book a “meet and greet” appointment for the RESIDENT CLINIC.